Nagoya Events at The RED ROCK

Sports Bar for Nagoya - watch it live!

We are a sports bar, and we have cable so you can rest assured that we'll be showing the big game whatever that may be for the given season. When in doubt, give us a shout and we'd be happy to confirm the viewing and/or make a reservation for you and your group in front of one of our big-screen monitors.
Upcoming hilights include the 2012 London Olympics, many live Dragons games (in summer) and selected footie. We always televise the AFL and NRL Grand Finals every September!
If you'd like to request or confirm telecast of a certain game, give us a call at 052-262-7893 or send us a note via email.
Be sure to check back often for information about Premier League Football, Rugby, NFL Football, WWE, NBA Basketball, Major League Baseball, NHL Hockey, motor sports and more!!
Check back for a complete listing of events and specials.
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